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We dig dirt! At Valley View, we cultivate more than just vegetables; we grow connections and community.

Community Garden

Valley View established Milford’s first community garden where families and individuals have cultivated friendships and fresh produce for over a decade.

Previously thriving farmland for nearly two centuries, our garden offers rich soil, abundant sunshine, 8-foot deer fencing, and three irrigation options with water drawn from the deep aquifer that lies beneath the land. Gardeners rent 5’x20′ plots and enjoy the satisfaction of planting, growing, and harvesting a variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers throughout the year. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or looking to learn, our garden gate is open!

Grow to Give Garden

From the trash to treasure. In 2015, a volunteer’s hunch led to a minivan full of “throw-away” plants.

We planted the wilted, sad-looking plants in hopes we could revive them. They thrived, producing a whopping 3,000 pounds of food! We knew we could do more to help those in need. With just 5 volunteers and limited resources, we applied for a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, which gave us a huge boost. We also rallied our community through social media and connections, building a network of helping hands.

Today, our garden thrives with a dedicated core team and wonderful volunteers. We have an established compost program to enrich our soil and demonstrate sustainable practices. Most importantly, we donate an average of 10,000 pounds of produce annually to local pantries to support our neighbors in need. We’re always looking for new volunteers to join us.



Reviving a lost tradition, the hops yard is more than just a project – it’s a community hub drawing curious minds and reviving Cincinnati’s malted barley legacy.

In 2013, a team ferried cedar poles across the river from an independent logger in Maysville, Kentucky, planted and nurtured 800 hop rhizomes, and even unearthed a vintage 1973 German harvester in Poland to automate a significant part of the work.

We spent the first few years learning about the correct soil composition and the intricacies of successfully cultivating, growing and harvesting hops. Local breweries like Little Miami Brewing Company and 50 West receive our fresh “wet” hops within hours of coming off the vine and brew seasonal fall beers. Sales help fund our Grow to Give program, nourishing families in need, while the land itself reminds us of generations past and the German ancestors who first planted barley seeds.